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Automobile and Trucking Cases

Automobile & Trucking Catastrophes

A crash is instantaneous and the consequences often result in a lifetime of physical, emotional and mental anguish for all parties involved.  Having the appropriate automobile insurance coverage provides economic protection should you accidentally cause injury to others and it also protects you and your family if involved in a motor vehicle accident in which the “at fault” party has little, if any, insurance.  With Uninsured Motorist Coverage in place, your insurance company is legally obligated to pay the economic and non-economic damages to which you are entitled if the “at fault” owner/operator is uninsured or under insured.

It must be noted that there are numerous components to each and every motor vehicle/trucking accident and it is necessary to painstakingly recreate the sequence of events leading to each accident in order to appropriately mediate and/or prepare it for trial.  Our resolve, resources and experience have enabled us to successfully litigate vehicular cases on behalf of the injured victims or families of the deceased.  We have also successfully litigated against those insurance companies that have legally and ethically failed to provide their clients with the protection and coverage which they purchased.


Medical Malpractice

The healthcare industry and its practitioners are not infallible. Although never intentional, mistakes are made and negligence does occur. A simple misdiagnosis or the incorrect dispensing of the wrong medication can be as devastating as a blatant surgical error.

The firm of Samuel M. Yaffa, P.A., objectively and diligently strives to identify whether or not the patient’s injuries or death were a direct result of negligence on the part of physician, nurse, pharmacist or other hospital based personnel.

When there is substantial evidence of malpractice, Mr. Yaffa is unrelenting in his pursuit of compensation for the patient and his or her family members.


Admiralty & Maritime

With vast coastlines and year-round boating, Florida is annually subject to thousands of incidents in which people are injured or killed on the water as a direct result of the negligence of vessel owners or watercraft operators. It is the obligation of every vessel owner to maintain and operate his/her watercraft, i.e. sailboat, powerboat, yacht, jet ski, wave runner, hovercraft, etc., in a reasonable manner that will not endanger the lives of those on board, on nearby vessels, or in the water.

Samuel M. Yaffa, P.A. represents not only the victims of recreational boating accidents, but also litigates on behalf of victims who have sustained injuries aboard cruise ships.

Nursing Home Abuse

Nursing Home Abuse

Because the elderly and infirm have so often been the victims of abuse and neglect, the Florida Legislature found it necessary to draft a Resident’s Bill of Rights to protect each resident’s civil, religious and human rights during the time of stay in any given facility.  That notwithstanding, patients’ rights continue to be violated, their needs overlooked and their care less than optimum.

A skilled nursing facility is populated by patients with diagnoses that range from the seemingly simple to the very complex and it is imperative that the facility be adequately staffed by competent, caring and qualified personnel.  Unfortunately, such is not always the case and patients suffer what should have been avoidable consequences.

Product Liability Cases

Product Liability

These are complicated cases involving all types of faulty products: vehicles, car seats, construction equipment, medication, medical and surgical supplies to name a few. Any time products are marketed for public consumption and are subsequently deemed unsafe and cause injury, there must be accountability.

Samuel M. Yaffa, P.A. will meticulously strive to hold those manufacturers or entities responsible, who value profit over safety.